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Chatime is a tea beverage franchise which is founded in Taiwan and it has expand around the globe in countries like Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Australia and here in the U.S. As for that Chatime, is not only resides in Taiwan they are an international franchise over 1,000 stores and counting worldwide.

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Chatime is dedicated to be one of the best beverage franchise by delivering Taiwanese authentic tea culture to worldwide customers. By allowing us to provide fresh quality drinks to customers, we hope that we can acknowledge our tea culture to them and at some point it can bring some enjoyments to their life.

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Our mission has never stop. Our mission is to expand our locations to every major attraction areas in Massachusetts. By doing that we hope we can provide conveniences to our customers to drink our products wherever they go. Our locations are near shopping malls, restaurants, universities, tourist attractions and many more.


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To expand our brand image, we collaborate with local communities, universities, school activities and etc by sponsoring drinks to everyone who participate events. It is our honor to be part of the community.

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