Applying For:

Operations Research Analyst:

[icon type=”circle” size=”small” name=”e-googleplay”]Accomplish Master Franchisee’s objectives by searching and locating business development opportunities, identifying and solving individual franchisee and customer information and processing problems, specifically,

[icon type=”circle” size=”small” name=”e-googleplay”]Cooperate with team members to plan, develop, design, and implement of assigned business development projects based upon signed Franchisor and Franchisee agreement with La Kaffa International CO,. LTD including tracking schedules, issues, tasks, and relevant financial impacts to achieve company’s mission as a Master Franchisee;

[icon type=”circle” size=”small” name=”e-googleplay”]Based on Market Research Analyst’ report, interview individual franchisees, analyze operations, determine project expansion scope and document results by establishing research methodology and designing format for data gathering incorporating current operations with projected expansion from regional market into national markets;

[icon type=”circle” size=”small” name=”e-googleplay”]Identify potential risks during development of new directly-owned Chatime stores, sub-franchisee Chatime stores and stores combination of both, and develop, recommend, and implement risk mitigation solutions by describing requirements in a work-flowchart and diagram.  Analyze alternative solutions if possible;

[icon type=”circle” size=”small” name=”e-googleplay”]Develops project budgeting by identifying phases and elements, personnel requirements, and costs. Identify and document instances where existing business operations flows may be streamlined or improved to optimize the benefit;

[icon type=”circle” size=”small” name=”e-googleplay”]Prepare reports by collecting, analyzing, and summarizing information collected across functional team members and present reports to executive leadership and Franchisor;

[icon type=”circle” size=”small” name=”e-googleplay”]Conduct quantitative analysis of Orangebean’s overall operational requirements using network analysis, modeling and simulations. Confer with and make recommendations to executive leadership based on analysis results to ensure successful implementation of business mission as Master Franchisee.


Master degree in Project Management, Operation Research or Business Administration

  • Must possess strong ability to solve analytical problems involving big data sets using quantitative approaches to generate insights from data;
  • Creativity in defining challenging exploratory projects and developing solutions is desired;
  • Must be able to use Microsoft Project/Excel to track tasks, setting baselines, allocate resources, and generate periodic reports.

Please email your resume plus salary requirement to Orangebean Development, Inc. DBA Chatime at Attn: M. Xu, VP with Reference # 6377004.