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Chatime is a tea beverage franchise which is founded in Taiwan and it has expand around the globe in countries like Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Australia and here in the U.S. As for that Chatime is not only resides in Taiwan, they are a international franchise with over 800 stores worldwide.

Chatime has modernize the Taiwanese traditional tea culture through their implementation of creating high-tech tea machines in order to ensure high-quality drinks for their customers. Chatime always focusing on how the taste of the original tea should taste like such as pure, sweet, and smooth. Since Chatime is a international franchise, it is important to deliver the approval taste to their customers from different regions. To be able to accomplish this, they have a dedicated professional research team to innovate new products for their customers to experience and meet the local taste/culture from different regions.

Chatime is dedicated to be one of the best beverage franchise by delivering Taiwanese authentic tea culture to worldwide customers. By allowing them to provide fresh quality drinks to customers, they hope that it can relieve the stress the customers are having and at some point it can bring relaxation to their life. This is why you should have “Good Tea Good Time” by drinking Chatime.

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