Advantages of Joining Chatime Boston:

1.We offer you a package set that can take care of almost everything for you, until you have the store opened, including licensing and permitting!

2. We will send our staff members to assist your store opening for 3 weeks. This is to ensure you that your store will operate successfully without encountering any major issues. We have got you covered!

3. You will get world-wide support! There are over 1,000 Chatime stores all over the world and with Taiwan Headquarter which is a public listed company, you can get as many supports as you needed. In other words, not only you can get support locally from us Chatime Boston, but you also get support from all Chatime around the world. How great is that! We launch our new products every season and with new advertisement design will be more than enough to attract every customer!

4. We are a huge family, we are a network, you can get all the supports from us, and we have got your back!

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The 10 Steps Process to Become Our Franchisee

Franchising Steps

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Download our franchisee application form:

English Version       Chinese Version

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For your investment in a Chatime franchise, you will receive: 

  • Full training that is necessary to make your Chatime business successfu
  • Assist in selecting your staff members
  • Supplies/materials that Chatime use to operate their everyday business.
  • Quality control monitoring that ensures it maintain the standard from Chatime
  • Support from the research team and development team to develop new products to meet the standard for your everyday customers
  • Cutting-edge equipment are used by Chatime
  • Trademark and name of “Chatime”
  • Business operation systems by Chatime to manage your everyday business

Specific charges for each item/process can be obtained from Chatime Boston in the information package.

*Other charges may apply:*

Renovation fee depends on store design and store size

Ice Maker and Refrigerator are not included in the equipment fee

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